MPS-Studio – the everlasting analog quality for more than 60 years

Visiting the MPS-Studio today is a journey through past times, equally interesting for musicians as well as admirers of the excellent and famous sound technique. Nearly 60 years ago, in midst of the Black Forrest on the premises of SABA Radio Manufacturing was the initial variation of the studio installed. After several renovations it was sufficient for the construction of a mixing console with 24 channels, still operating in analog quality.

The unique sound, responsible for the excellent reputation of SABA and MPS productions remains and is still produced to this day.

Today, the MPS-Studio is a Cultural Monument of very special significance, considering an increased public interest to preserve this locally developed outstanding and unique recording technique. The Regional Council of Freiburg – Office for National Monument Protection – stated in September of 2009: “It’s not only the music history but more so, the unique technique which underlines the significance of the MPS-Studio. The objects come up to highest standards, constantly preserving the level of radio stations while at the same time due to own constructions and special solutions, the individual requests by musicians could be considered at all times“, stated the representative for Monument Protection and declared further “that for decades the unique sound technique has been preserved in Villingen”.

All of this is combined in the technique value of the studio. The construction of the modular mixing console in a metal frame including amplifiers and function – inserts within the fixed wired module locations. Single channels are equipped with technical optimized and self- finished studio components by Siemens designs. Voltage is drawn from the by 24 Volt-studio-net inserts from Telefunken. Built-in are among other microphone amplifier V276 or microphone amplifier/limiter 629b, plus Kepex 500 expander, EMT compressors and limiter as well as other premium parts. Working processes are with Telefunken and Ampex tape machines in the old analog tradition to which also many Neumann-microphones and Ampex belong.

The almost 100 square meter counting recording room allows a flexibility of size due to the various dividing partitions. Even Big Bands can be recorded there. The most precious item in the studio is the Boesendorfer Grand Imperial with its expressive splendor sounds like an entire orchestra. Whether acoustic or rock: the MPS studio still offers any type of recording of premium analog quality.

Following are a few names of musicians who were recorded at the studio in Villingen: Oscar Peterson, Friedrich Gulda, Eugen Cicero, Stephane Grappelli, Wolfgang Dauner, George Shearing, Martial Solal, Jean-Luc Ponty, Joachim Kühn, Lee Konitz, Volker Kriegel, Manfred Schoof, Cecil Taylor, Hans Koller, Oscar Petitford, Albert Mangelsdorff,  Dieter Reith, Jasper van´t Hof, Mark Murphy, Singers Unlimited,  Baden Powell, Dave Pike Set, John Taylor, Sugar Cane Harris, Bill Evans and many more. .

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