Supporting the Cultural Monument MPS-Studio Villingen

MPS-Studio Villingen

In 2010 the MPS-Studio was officially categorized as „Culture Monument of very special significance“. The reasons are evident: Not only the significance of music history during the time period between 1951 and 1980 is herewith documented and preserved as also the flair surrounding the analog technique equipment as well as the exemplary sound quality still surprising the music world. The MPS-Studio is a cultural treasure of priceless value and international reputation.

The main task of the founded organization: „ Supporting the MPS-Studio Villingen e.V.“ is not only to keep the old technique in function but also the categorizing the huge extent of material in the archives for the interested future generations.

The organization includes numerous MPS admirers in the fields of technique, music, advertising and research, to preserve the extensive studio assets plus keeping them accessible for the future. All of this is of course on an honorary basis and a whole lot of personal engagement by the active members of the in 2017 founded organization.

Planned are also the realization of new ideas, such as concerts around the studio or music competitions amongf the coming generation. In addition and within the network of music academies, young students may also become familiar with analog studio technique.

The refurbishing of the monument archives is of course also very costly. The supporting organization is therefore also trying to find sponsors to support this culture monument. Our organization “Supporting the Cultural Monument MPS-Studio Villingen e.V. is of course a non-profit organization which make donations tax deductible.

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